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Use These Powerful Techniques to Become a True Leader in Any Field!

Any person can become a leader and learn to influence people by using the tools in this book, because it guides you through all the different steps, from being a follower to being an industry leader!You've tried every course in leadership that came your way. You've started and stopped a dozen different leadership programs and seminars - in leadership, public speaking and self-development - perhaps paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process. But the truth is: nothing seems to work, and you are still not assuming the leadership positions you feel you deserve.Not working on your leadership skills can negatively impact a lot of critical areas of your life; you may not assume the leadership position you deserve in your job, at your company or even in your family. People may not trust or listen to you - whether in a professional or private setting. You do not accomplish your dreams because you cannot get people to follow your vision. You feel that you can bring more to society and to those around you than you currently are, but are not being respected and listened to. Leadership is not just a skill. It is made up of a combination of social and management skills. It is the ability to push a group to achieve goals that they normally cannot achieve without a leader's guidance. History is filled with stories of great men and women who rallied groups of people into doing nearly impossible feats. A common theme among these stories is that the leader was able to unite people to work together for a common goal. Leaders have influence over other people. They use this influence to push people into working together. Without leadership, people will work separately to pursue their own goals. A leader shows these people that they can achieve their goals faster if they work with the group.The good news is that great leaders are not born - they are taught. The greatest of the great - from Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama and Warren Buffett have themselves openly admitted to not being born leaders, but having carefully crafted the skill of leadership. And so can you!This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to improve your leadership skills and become the leader you deserve to become. It guides you through the various steps in becoming a leader, serving as your companion guide from your first steps as a follower, to becoming an industry leader, explaining you all the way what to do at each stage, why and how to do it. Countless people have attributed their success to their leadership skills. Charles Schwab, one of the highest paid people of his time, is famous for attributing all his success to his ability to arouse enthusiasm in his followers and be a great leader in the process. Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg are other great examples of men who were not, but were taught to be great leaders.This book will guide you all through the process of becoming a leader, no matter where on the leadership scale you may find yourself. You may be at the bottom, or at the top - this step-by-step book is specifically designed to help you take your life to the next level no matter where you currently find yourself.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • What Comprises Leadership
  • The Hierarchy of Leadership
  • The Importance Of Working On Yourself
  • How To Build Trust Inside and Outside Your Organization
  • How To Strengthen Your Image As a Leader
  • And Much Much More...
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    Transformative Leadership

    RRP $315.99

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    This important, timely, and thought-provoking reader is a collection of original chapters by authors from five different countries, each of whom explores a facet of transformative leadership. Transformative leadership is fundamentally a critical approach to leadership that goes well beyond the tenets of most current leadership theories to focus on social transformation as the basis for both individual and collective achievement. The text clarifies and elaborates the concept, linking it to other theories including ways of thinking about curriculum and pedagogy to prepare leaders for a more transformative role. "Transformative Leadership: A Reader" provides examples of studies conducted using the lens of transformative leadership as well as of research re-analyzed through its perspective.

    The Leadership Acronym

    RRP $15.35

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    The Leadership Acronym is based on leadership abilities. On how a leader can gain and use influence to win over the hearts of people and to get desired things done.

    Anyone who have ever led an organisation, a group of people or a department has struggled—at the beginning—as a leader. Not because they lack ideas or have wrong motives, but because they lack the unique leadership ingredient.

    It takes influence for any leader to successfully lead. Without influence, leadership will be based on power and position—where the leader will abuse and assault people in order to carry out instructions.

    Leadership is not meant for a selected few. There is no one born with the wisdom of leadership. All successful leaders learn to lead.


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