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Business Continuity Management

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Since the publication of the first edition in 2002, interest in crisis management has been fuelled by a number of events, including 9/11.

The first edition of this text was praised for its rigorous yet logical approach, and this is continued in the second edition, which provides a well-researched, theoretically robust approach to the topic combined with empirical research in continuity management. New chapters are included on digital resilience and principles of risk management for business continuity. All chapters are revised and updated with particular attention being paid to the impact on smaller companies. New cases include: South Africa Bank, Lego, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter; small companies impacted by 9/11; and the New York City power outage of August 2003.

Security Programme Design And Management

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A unique how-to guide for managers with asset-protection responsibilities, this book offers the reader both a clear picture of security program needs and some practical suggestions for meeting these needs. In addition to providing detailed information on security program management, the guide also emphasizes the importance of the relationship between security program management and other administrative services. Tweedy covers proven strategies and techniques to combat everyday security problems like burglary as well as sophisticated thefts of vital information and threats of terrorism. Numerous illustrations, diagrams, checklists, job descriptions, and model forms are included for ready reference. Tweedy begins with an overview of security program development and operation. Several chapters follow devoted to the composition and utilization of a security guard force, elements of security program management, and control processes in security program management. Tweedy advocates employee participation in loss prevention and a new focus on managerial, rather than strictly task-oriented thinking. Separate chapters address issues such as personnel selection and performance evaluation, EDP system protection, and crime in the United States. The final four chapters provide a summary of steps to achieve a higher degree of protection against terrorism through crisis planning, protection of personnel, safeguarding facilities and other assets, and the protection of records. Two appendices provide details and relevant examples of actual security-related activities.

Crisis Management In The Food And Drinks Industry

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Few titles could be timelier than the second edition of Crisis Management in the Food and Drinks Industry - A Practical Approach. The world is worrying about a human pandemic arising from the avian flu epidemic that is spreading from the Far East, the implications of which could be as great for the food industry as were the outbreaks of foot and mouth disease and BSE.

This practical and greatly expanded edition by media and public relations veteran Colin Doeg focuses on the communications aspects of dealing with a crisis. It is global in its coverage of the subject, reviewing practices and requirements in countries ranging from the USA and the UK to Australia and New Zealand.

Doeg offers advice ranging from preparing for the unthinkable to the dramatic expansion of the Internet, avoiding being caught off-guard by a situation, the ramifications of product tampering and managing an actual crisis.

Advice is also offered on dealing with extremist organizations and terrorist threats as well as bioterrorism - "a clear and present danger" - and a number of problems facing the food industry, including the practice of selling meat unfit for human consumption and the threat posed by the increasing toxicity of fish due to the rising pollution of the world's oceans.

In a special late chapter - written only three months before publication - the author looks ahead to events which he believes will shape the world of crisis management in the future, including the empowering influence of the Internet during the 2004 Asian Tsunami, the discovery of the illegal dye Sudan 1 (Red) in millions of food products and the fears of a pandemic arising from the spreading outbreak of avian flu.

Examples of typical documents like a crisis plan for a business, a crisis checklist, a press release announcing a product recall, an announcement to employees and a checklist for anyone dealing with a threatening phone call are provided. Also included is a list of sources of information and assistance in the event of a product crisis.

Crisis Management in the Food and Drinks Industry is the only title dealing specifically with this crucial subject in relation to the food industry. As such, it is relevant not only to those in the food industry, but also to marketing and senior management in general in the fields of agriculture, public health and law enforcement.

You Know You're Having A Midlife Crisis When...

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You know you're having a midlife crisis when all your clothes are made of leather - including your pyjamas. Try not to panic: it's only a midlife crisis. And besides, attempting to recapture your youth can be a lot of fun! Who said there's anything wrong with growing old disgracefully? AUTHOR: Mike Haskins and Clive Whichelow have written for Smack the Pony and Spitting Image as well as The Mail on Sunday, the Express and The Daily Mirror.

Accounting Fundamentals For Health Care Management

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At a time when health care organizations face unprecedented financial challenges, understanding financial accounting is important for all health care professionals, especially those who manage a department and a budget. Designed for both students and professionals, Accounting Fundamentals for Health Care Management, Second Edition clearly explains accounting principles and applies them to the health care environment.Critical topics such as recording and reporting financial information, depreciation, and financial statement analysis are all thoroughly covered The Second Edition offers: * New co-author, Thad Calabrese * New chapter (Chapter 2) provides an Excel tutorial. * New discussion of the impact of Health Care Reform in Chapter 3 * Updated throughout with information on IFRS * Coverage of 'cash basis' vs. 'accrual basis' * New discussion of 'fair value' * Simplified discussion of MACRS * New discussion of Sarbanes-Oxley Act * Many general updates


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