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How To Become A Great Life Coach. Positively Influence People With Your Life Coaching Skills And Leadership

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How to Become a Great Life Coach. Positively Influence People with Your Life Coaching Skills and Leadership

A Life Coaching Guide: Steps on How to Start Your Life Coaching Business Career

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This life coaching book outlines what it will take becoming a great and successful life coach. Today people everywhere are looking for guidance and help to succeed in their life. Businesses and individuals are more than ever using life coaches to help them reach their goals and objectives. You'll learn what qualities you need to possess in order to become a successful life coach. Also, how to identify what area of coaching that best will suit you. That is finding your life coaching specialization. If your desire is to start a life coach business, we'll also discuss this to help you on your way. Besides positively influencing other people by becoming their life coach, a great side benefit is the improvement you can make on your own life and success. This book is a simple guide to help you get started with becoming a great life coach.

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  • What is Life Coaching?
  • The Purpose of Life Coaching
  • Areas in Your Life a Life Coach Can Assist
  • Your Identity and Reason
  • The Qualities of a Great Life Coach
  • Life Coach Specialization
  • Starting Your Life Coach Career

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Coaching Toolkit

RRP $246.99

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Do you want to know how to establish a coaching programme in your school? Using lots of examples of successful coaching in practice to set you on the road to coaching success, this book guides you through the process of setting up and running an effective coaching programme in your school. The authors are both secondary specialists, but the principles they set out in this book are broadly applicable to all schools. There is clear advice on: - introducing coaching in your school; - choosing your coaches; - training your coaches; - measuring the positive impact of coaching on the school; - making coaching part of professional development for all staff; - a suggested timeline for implementing a coaching programme. Features of the book include chapter objectives, questions for reflection to use in training activities, a number of short case studies from secondary schools and further education colleges showing how coaching has worked in practice, suggestions for further reading and pointers to useful websites. There are useful photocopiable materials provided to use with most chapters, and there is a PowerPoint presentation available entitled Coaching for Performance that you can use to explain ideas to colleagues. This bank of resources that accompanies the book is available to download from the SAGE website, and you can adapt the materials for any setting. This book is an ideal resource for anyone looking to establish a coaching programme in their school, and offers you all the support, guidance and resource materials you will need.

Sport Coaching Concepts

RRP $409.99

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Successful sports coaching involves so much more than a simplistic application of sport psychology to a program of physical training and skill development. The relationship between coach and athlete is complex, and successful coaches at all levels of sport should be able to develop a deeper understanding of the role of the coach, the coaching process, and alternative approaches to coaching practice.

Sports Coaching Concepts was the first textbook to offer a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical issues that underpin sports coaching practice and to outline a complete conceptual framework with which to understand coaching behaviour, helping to establish sports coaching as a substantial academic discipline in the process. Now in a fully revised and updated new edition, the book explains why a conceptual approach to sports coaching is more important than ever before, using practice-orientated analysis to help students develop a full understanding of coaching theory and technique.

This edition draws on a decade's worth of research and academic and professional literature, reflecting the profound changes in coach development and coach education during that period. Covering all the key topics, themes and issues contained within the sports coaching curriculum, this edition also includes six completely new chapters, on the evolution of coaching theory, coaches' expertise, decision-making, social perspectives on the coach-athlete relationship, social inclusion, and principles of coach development.

Each chapter contains a full range of pedagogical features to aid learning and understanding, including highlighted key concepts, discussion questions, practical projects, annotated guides to further reading, new case study material, and comment from practising coaches. A new companion website provides additional teaching and learning resources, including self-test questions and useful weblinks for students, and Powerpoint slides and a test bank for lecturers. Sports Coaching Concepts is still essential reading for all students of sports coaching and any serious coach looking to develop and extend their own coaching practice.


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