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Thin Slices Of Anxiety

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Catherine Lepage's quirky, clever imagery captures both her personal journey and universal truths about the daily habits and frustrations of anxiety. For anyone who is anxious or knows someone with anxiety, this book offers the comfort that, 'thinly sliced and illustrated, emotions are much easier to digest.'

About the Author

Catherine Lepage is the award-winning author and illustrator of four previous books and the cofounder of the creative design studio Ping Pong Ping. She studied graphic design at CEGEP de Sainte-Foy in Quebec City and then illustration at Ecole supErieure des arts dEcoratifs in Strasbourg, France. Her work has won awards internationally from the likes of Communication Arts, 3X3, Prix Alcuin Society Book Design Awards and Applied Arts Magazine. She lives in Montreal.

More Making Friends With Anxiety

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From bestselling author Sarah Rayner comes the follow-up to the word-of-mouth success,Making Friends with Anxiety. More Making Friends with Anxiety is packed with in-depth advice on reducing stress and worry, combined with practical things to make - each of which can be completed in less than two hours - and thereby occupy your hands, calm your mind and help you to relax.

Written with Sarah's trademark warmth and humour, More Making Friends with Anxiety: A little book of creative activities to help reduce stress and worry explains why some of us are particularly prone to anxiety, and how 'making friends' with our difficult feelings, coupled with gentle creative activity can help. Whether you're a convert to crafts or a complete novice, this array of quick, cheap and easy activities will inspire and uplift you, nurturing mindfulness and positivity.

* Make a Collage * Paint Pebbles * Sew a Simple Cover * Bake a Crumble * Plant a Windowbox * Carve Wood * Make a Necklace * Look at Art * Listen to Music and more

* Fully illustrated in full colour with dozens of photographs by the author and clear step-by-step instructions * Backed by an online support group * Experiment with ten different crafts and find out which you enjoy * Perfect for all ages and abilities - i.e. anyone who wants to be more creative and less stressed


'Simple, lucid advice on how to accept your anxiety' Matt Haig, bestselling author of Reasons to Stay Alive

'Reads like chatting with an old friend; one with wit, wisdom and experience'Laura Lockington, Brighton and Hove Independent


'Carefully crafted and empathetic' Sunday Times ' 'BrilliantWarm and approachable''Essentials 'You'll want to inhale it in one breath' 'Easy Living

Medically And Spiritually Treating Chronic Thyroid Disease Anxiety

RRP $12.99

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While it might seem unusual to see a book title on the subject of offering Christian encouragement to thyroid patients, it really shouldn't be considered unusual at all. Statistics by reputable polling organizations have shown that 75% of the U.S. population claims to be of the Christian faith and some medical estimates have revealed that over 30-million Americans are experiencing thyroid diseases. General statistics of belief in God are considerably high, with some polling data indicating that 9 out of 10 Americans believe in a supreme being. Some polls that have concentrated on particular groups of people have revealed similar statistics. In the year 2004 for example, a poll conducted by HCD Research, revealed that 3 out of 4 medical doctors (of the 1,100 respondents who participated); believe in divine intervention, in the form of miracles. I have personally read books by Thyroid Patient Advocates (proactive patients who help to inform fellow-patients), who include chapters in their books that encourage seeking spiritual as well as medical help for the emotional symptoms of thyroid disease. I feel this is not an improper thing to do at all and in-fact, I personally believe that faith brings more hope to those who are seeking recovery and a better quality of life, in the midst of suffering medical health conditions. Over the past few years, I have corresponded with other patients, who also expressed their Christian faith to me and I have derived much of the information within the chapters of this book, from my responses to their questions and their requests for advice regarding emotional symptoms. In addition to well-studied layperson medical advice that I will offer following, it is my sincere hope that the chapters of this book also help to bring spiritual comfort and encouragement to those who are suffering thyroid diseases that have presented them with difficulties in treatment or challenges with learning to cope with their hypothyroid or hyperthyroid conditions. -Jim Lowrance This book is not intended to be an extensive manual but is intended to contain information most often sought by laypersons on the subject. Please note the number of pages listed and for an approximate word-count, see the ebook version description for this same title (Thank You - the Author). CONTENTS: CHAPTER ONE Coping with Chronic Anxiety and Panic Symptoms caused by Thyroid Disease CHAPTER TWO The Effects of Thyroid Disease and Related Emotions on the Physical Senses CHAPTER THREE Which Brand of Thyroid Hormone is Superior for Treating Hypothyroidism? CHAPTER FOUR Giving Thyroid Hormone Therapy Adequate Time to Work CHAPTER FIVE Some Healing Comes in God's Timing and Wisdom DEDICATION: To all of my fellow thyroid patients, who are seeking peace in the midst of their storms -- may you find your peace restored and your joy recovered as God plants his eternal hope within your heart. "For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory" (2 Corinthians 4:17 KJV)


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