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Social Media’s Affect on Sports Betting

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With all the attention focused around our sporting heroes, is it complacent to hold them in such high regard on a social level? As a betting enthusiast, personally, I think it’s not too bad– the more information I have on an athlete or team,  the greater my chances are in placing that all important bet; but with Twitter, Facebook, and the plethora of online media feeds – where, as a society, should, or are we going to, draw the line? This is a question that has intrigued me since the Lance Armstrong drug fiasco; what is the length that we as humans will go to win, and whether the push of the all-knowing public, places too much pressure on the athletes to obtain the art of winning.

Maybe the codes of footy, that we as a country adore, should take a stance on the amount of information that is being released before the facts are gathered, clubs are currently being annihilated, both in AFL and NRL, for their alleged involvement in performance enhancing drug use. This should be done either with full public knowledge or none! The last thing any fan needs is a cloud hanging over their favourite players – innocent ones, that is – when half-truths are implicating their entire team.

On the social media side-, the question needs to be answered about the length some people will go to, to hurt or ‘troll’ any professional athlete. Of course, there should be NO form of cyber bullying permitted within any social media platform; however, where an athlete has a profile that is widely viewed by fans – including young fans – there really needs to be some form of censorship involved. For the athletes themselves, should they be held as accountable for their reactions if there is a large amount of bullying going on? Should there be some form of lenience for heavy provocation? I am not referring to acts of violence or similar, rather, the penalties handed down by sports corporate bodies when a social/personal reaction mars the players’ records. Rant over, but it is definitely something to consider.


Social Media’s Affect on Sports Betting, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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